History & Experience

America's Largest and Most Experienced Provider

NeuroRestorative traces its roots as far back as 1977, the year the renowned Center for Comprehensive Services (CCS) was founded in Carbondale, Illinois. As a pioneer in post-acute services, CCS set the pace for community-based care for people with brain injury and evolved into a nationally recognized center of excellence in treating post-acute neurological trauma.

CCS joined The MENTOR Network in 1998 and continued to expand its continuum of residential rehabilitation programs to adults and adolescents with acquired brain injury. Years later, The Network brought CCS and its growing array of brain injury rehabilitation services together under the MENTOR ABI name. MENTOR ABI quickly became a recognized provider in the field of community-based brain injury rehabilitation and continued to build an array of individualized programs through strategic growth and acquisition. Each new program or acquisition enabled MENTOR ABI to expand its geographic footprint, add new talent and clinical expertise, and consistently improve its overall level of care and diversity of service offerings to support individuals with brain injury in communities close to home. 

In 2010, the organizations which previously made up MENTOR ABI, including the Center for Comprehensive Services (CCS), Lakeview Healthcare Systems, and the NeuroRestorative legacy programs in AR, LA, TX and OK were unified under the NeuroRestorative name. 

Today, NeuroRestorative is America’s largest and most experienced provider of post-acute rehabilitation services for people of all ages with brain and spinal cord injuries and other neurological challenges. We help people who have experienced injuries regain a productive life and a future full of promise using an individualized service approach that has been effective for more than thirty years. At NeuroRestorative, we have exceptional treatment teams, demonstrated clinical proficiency and a time-tested approach that has positioned our organization as a leader in community-based, post-acute rehabilitation services.