Adolescent & Pediatric Brain Injury

At NeuroRestorative, we know that selecting a post-acute rehabilitation program for your child can be a difficult and overwhelming experience.  Our staff—many of whom  are parents themselves—understand that you have many questions and concerns, everything from can my child bring a favorite toy with them to how do I determine the best rehabilitation program for my child’s needs?  Our team of adolescent & pediatric brain injury rehabilitation experts will be with you and your child every step of the way ensuring that no matter the question or concern, you have a partner in your child’s rehabilitation journey.

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Why Post-Acute Care with NeuroRestorative?
At NeuroRestorative, we know that children with brain injury have a unique set of needs and can’t be treated as small adults.  Our staff specializes in the treatment of  pediatric & adolescent brain injury and are experts in developing post-acute rehabilitation programs designed to meet the individualized needs of each child we support.

NeuroRestorative offers children and adolescents a supportive, compassionate environment where they can continue to learn and grow, develop friendships with their peers and just enjoy being a kid while receiving specialized rehabilitative services to meet their needs. 

Often times, it is mistakenly thought that the gains made in the first year of recovery are all that we will see.  At NeuroRestorative, we understand that children and teens with brain injury may require new strategies and supports as they reach the different milestones in their development to enable them to continue to make strides in their rehabilitation.

Children and teens with brain injury may benefit from a post-acute rehabilitation program to help them cope with—and overcome—challenges with cognitive processing, difficulty managing and regulating their behavior or recognizing common social cues.  NeuroRestorative’ s pediatric and adolescent post-acute rehabilitation programs offer strategies, rehabilitative interventions and clinical support to help children as they develop and strive to become more independent.

Choosing the Right Program for your Child

Our Touring Guide provides tips to help you find the right rehabilitation program for  your child and your family.  

Our Services & Supports for Children and Teens
Learn about the specialized services and supports NeuroRestorative offers for children and teens. 

Our Locations
Learn about our two locations tailored to the meet the special needs of children and teens with brain injury.

Our Schools
NeuroRestorative’s schools offer the children and teens that we support a nurturing environment where they can continue their education while progressing through their rehabilitation programs. 

Preparing for Admission
Suggestions for families and children preparing to begin a program with NeuroRestorative.

A Day at NeuroRestorative
See what a typical day will be like for your child.

What to Bring
Planning your child’s stay with NeuroRestorative. 

Pediatric & Adolescents FAQ
Commonly asked questions about your child’s care at NeuroRestorative.

Testimonials & Success Stories
Read firsthand about the experiences with NeuroRestorative of other participants and their families.

Resources for Parents
We’ve put together a list of resources and information regarding brain injury in children and adolescents that will be helpful to you as you and your child embark on this rehabilitative journey.

Contact us today by calling 800-743-6802 for more information or to make a referral to one of our adolescent & pediatric programs!

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