Children & Teens FAQ

How long is the typical length of stay?
Length of stay varies per child.  Typical stays may be as short as 30 days or as long as 9 months.

How are parents or guardians involved in their child’s rehabilitation?
Families attend monthly staff meetings, participate in family training as well as work with the clinicians to understand individual protocols for trips home.

Will my child have his or her own room?
This is determined on a case by case basis, although most children share a room.

What if my child has a problem with his or her roommate?
These issues are typically reported to the program case manager and room assignments can be modified to meet the clinical needs of the child. Your child’s safety is an utmost priority for us and we encourage families to report any issues that they may be aware of to their case manager.

What should they bring with them?
Your referral coordinator will address this with you prior to admission, but please reference What to Bring for more information.

How often will I be able to contact them?
We encourage family involvement and participation in the therapeutic process.  Most families will either call or come out to visit after the clinical day is over and on weekends.  Where appropriate, families will be invited to sit in on sessions as part of therapy.

Will they be able to continue their education while at NeuroRestorative?
NeuroRestorative has licensed schools where children can continue their studies and receive education credits to be applied to their home school.  Visit Academic Programs for more information.

Will contact be maintained with my child’s home school?
Yes.  NeuroRestorative will work together with your child’s home school to ensure that educational pursuits stay on track and that your child gets the academic support he needs.

What if my child has a medical appointment?
We will provide transportation as needed to any medical appointment.  We also encourage families to attend these appointments.

How often can I visit?
Your case manager will address this with you prior to admission. 

What if my child has special medical equipment such as braces, a wheelchair, adaptive equipment, etc?
Many of our children have special needs equipment and our treatment team is experienced in working with it.  Please consult your case manager if you need assistance getting this type of equipment for your child prior to his stay with us.

How will my child by kept safe?
Children are supervised 24/7 with increased levels of supervision assigned as needed. We have low staff to child ratios to ensure the wellbeing of the children we serve.

Who should I contact with questions or follow up while my child is at NeuroRestorative?
Your program case manager is your primary contact.  Additionally, various clinical staff will be in contact with you as needed to discuss your child’s progress.  The program director of the unit is also available to address any issues or concerns that may arise.

Where can I stay when I visit my child?
NeuroRestorative is happy to provide you with local, affordable options to stay during your visit.

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