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childWe know how important it is that your child continues his or her education while receiving services and supports for a brain injury or other neurological challenge.  Equally as important is the support and acceptance of peers, especially as a child is making the transition into adolescence.  Our academic programs not only offer young students a nurturing environment to continue their education, but an atmosphere that fosters friendships with others in their peer group that are going through some of the same experiences as they are.  Through our schools, students not only learn academics, but they also learn strategies that will assist them in the future as they transition home and into other educational environments.  At NeuroRestorative, we strive to create an atmosphere in which students feel included, proud and comfortable with who they are, preparing them for who they will become.

NeuroRestorative Carbondale’s Adolescent Integration School

NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge School

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