Workers Compensation

NeuroRestorative partners with workers compensation insurance companies to serve individuals recovering from work-related neurological injuries.  By including workers compensation case managers and adjusters in treatment planning, NeuroRestorative  develops individualized programming designed to meet the needs of the injured worker, often with the goal of returning the individual to work or productive activity.  Our comprehensive clinical continuum of care provides the flexibility to quickly move the injured worker to the most clinically appropriate treatment program.

Our program case managers work closely with workers compensation case managers and adjusters to help injured workers achieve desired outcomes in a cost-efficient manner.  NeuroRestorative negotiates comprehensive per diem rates that include all licensed therapies, nursing care, room and board and other ancillary services as determined prior to admission.

NeuroRestorative has contracts with numerous workers compensation rehabilitation organizations and is included in many Workers Compensation Preferred Provider Organizations and Networks throughout the country.  Most NeuroRestorative programs are accredited by CARF and/or JCAHO.

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