Effects of Brain Injury Video Series

Caring for a loved one who has sustained a brain injury can be a challenging and daunting task. Family members are often plagued with questions about the changes their loved one is experiencing or how to best support them throughout their brain injury rehabilitation.  

NeuroRestorative's new video series called “The Effects of Brain Injury” is designed to help family members understand the signs and symptoms of brain injury so they can help their loved one move forward. From medical complexities to changes in personality, these videos are designed to help family members better understand and adjust to changes their loved one experiences as a result of their brain injury. Presented by NeuroRestorative’s expert clinical staff, our informative videos explain an array of brain injury symptoms and provide tips for treatment strategies in a way that is meaningful and easy to understand.

Below is a summary of the initial topics covered by the “Effects of Brain Injury” video series. We look forward to expanding educational opportunities for families and will develop additional videos for “The Effects of Brain Injury” covering a range of topics.