Signs & Symptoms of Concussion

Any athlete who has sustained a concussion will have had a blow to the head or body and will show some of the following symptoms:


• Headache, dizziness, nausea
• Visual changes such as double or blurry vision, flashing lights, unusual colors
• Balance problems
• Drowsiness, fatigue, sleep difficulties
• Trouble tolerating light or noise


• Confusion, disorientation or feeling mentally “foggy”
• Feeling “slowed down” in thinking
• Trouble focusing and concentrating
• Forgetfulness or poor short-term memory
• Word-finding problems


•  Irritability
•  Unusual moodiness
•  Sadness
•  Nervousness or anxiety
•  Depression

Some of these symptoms will appear immediately after the injury. Some may quickly disappear while other symptoms can increase or develop in the hours or days following the injury.

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