Local ABC Affiliate Features NeuroRestorative Carbondale Participant

NeuroRestorative Carbondale participant featured on ABC13-year-old Alexis Beard suffered a traumatic brain injury after being thrown off of her horse during ride.  After spending three weeks in a coma, Alexis awoke to a new reality.  She would have to learn how to do everyday things like eat, walk and talk all over again.  Alexis began acute therapy at a local pediatric specialty hospital in St. Louis.  When it was time to find a post-acute rehabilitation option where Alexis could not only receive the services and supports she needed to continue progressing in her rehabilitation, such as occupational, speech and physical therapy, but where she could continue her education, the Beard family chose NeuroRestorative Carbondale.  She has made huge strides since entering NeuroRestorative Carbondale's adolescent integration program both in her rehabilitation and her studies.  In NeuroRestorative Carbondale, Alexis has found a nurturing environment where she is able to stay on course with her academics as well as learn strategies to assist her in the future when she is ready to transition home and back to public school–which she hopes to do this coming fall as a high school freshman. 

ABC Southern Illinois Affiliate WSIL-TV featured Alexis' story this past week.  View the report.  Her story was also covered by Southern ILlinois CBS affiliate KFVS and can be found here.

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