Dr. Frank Lewis and Dr. Gordon Horn Published in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine

Recently, the Journal of Special Operations Medicine published a study conducted by Dr. Frank Lewis, NeuroRestorative’s Director of Clinical Outcomes, and Dr. Gordon Horn, NeuroRestorative’s Director of Clinical Services.  The study, entitled Traumatic Brain Injury: Analysis of Functional Deficits and Posthospital Rehabilitation Outcomes, examined the nature and severity of residual deficits experienced by individuals who sustained traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and evaluated the effectiveness of NeuroRestorative’s post-acute residential rehabilitation treatment programs.

The study consisted of 285 participants who had sustained a TBI, and due to multiple residual deficits, were referred to NeuroRestorative’s neurorehabilitation program.  Participants were evaluated at the time of admission and upon discharge using the Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory–Version 4 (MPAI-4).  Dr. Lewis and Dr. Horn concluded that post-acute residential rehabilitation programs using a multidisciplinary approach achieved a significant reduction in participant disability.

“NeuroRestorative’s programs couple traditional rehabilitation practices with applied life skill building activities such as money management, social skill building and community integration, to provide participants with a well-rounded rehabilitation program,” said Dr. Horn.

“This treatment approach proved effective, achieving a significant reduction in participants’ disability from program admission to program discharge,” continued Dr. Lewis. “The benefits of NeuroRestorative’s multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs were even realized for severely disabled participants who were admitted to our programs over one year post-injury.”    

To read the study in full, click here to download.

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