MEDIA RELEASE: NeuroRestorative Offers Hope and Help to Veterans with TBI

                                                                             Media Release

 For Immediate Release: June 7, 2011                                                                Media Contact: Sarah Magazine
                                                                                                                       VA Program Contact: Victoria Harding


NeuroRestorative, a Leader in Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Offers Hope and Help to Veterans with TBI
Nation’s Largest Provider of Post-Acute Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services Awarded Contract to Serve Veterans

Boston, MA. NeuroRestorative, a leading provider of post-acute rehabilitation services for people with brain injury is honored to have been chosen as a contracted provider with the Veterans Health Administration Assisted Living Pilot Program for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury. This pilot program is the first time that the VA has contracted with civilian providers who offer post-acute brain injury rehabilitation services.  The VA program provides dedicated funding to cover the costs of specialized private rehabilitation programs such as NeuroRestorative to work together with Veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and their families to enhance Veterans’ rehabilitation, quality of life, and community integration.

“NeuroRestorative is delighted to be given the opportunity to provide specialized services that address the complex needs of Veterans with traumatic brain injury and to aid in their rehabilitative journey to optimal recovery,” said Bill Duffy, Chief Operating Officer of NeuroRestorative. “Being chosen as a contracted provider will allow us to help more Veterans and their families as they look to rebuild their lives following traumatic brain injury.  We feel a great responsibility to provide compassionate care and opportunities to regain function in programs located close to the homes of Veterans in need of services.”

NeuroRestorative programs integrate multidisciplinary individual and group therapeutic interventions as well as vocational activities and social experiences to help Veterans build skills, develop self-esteem and actively participate in the community.  Programs are driven by an organizational philosophy of individualized rehabilitation services that combine functional therapies, education and everyday experiences in real-world settings to enhance therapeutic gains.

“NeuroRestorative’s program works because it is a holistic approach,” said Penny Baity, sister of a Veteran receiving services from NeuroRestorative. “I see them engaging my brother in a manner that addresses his medical, psychological, social and behavioral needs, and creates a comprehensive program to support him.”

With over 100 locations in eighteen states, NeuroRestorative’s dynamic and innovative programs are delivered in community-based settings where Veterans can participate in carefully structured opportunities to recover function following their brain injury. To date, NeuroRestorative has served approximately 20 Veterans through this program.   All locations providing services under this contract are accredited by CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities as approved Residential Rehabilitation Brain Injury Programs.

To find additional information about NeuroRestorative’s specialized brain injury programs and ability to support Veterans with traumatic brain injury, please visit or call the referral line at 1-800-743-6802.

NeuroRestorative is a partner of The MENTOR Network, a national network of local human services providers offering an array of quality, community-based services to adults and children adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, brain and spinal cord injuries and other catastrophic injuries and illnesses, and to youth with emotional, behavioral and medically complex challenges as well as their families.  To learn more, visit