NeuroRestorative Locations Raise Awareness of Brain Injury

In recognition of March as Brain Injury Awareness Month, NeuroRestorative locations across the country supported the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) in its nationwide education and advocacy campaign: "A concussion is a brain injury. Get the facts."   The goal of the campaign is to emphasize the importance of prevention, diagnosis and early treatment of sports-related concussions.

NeuroRestorative New Jersey joined Opportunity Project, Inc., the only community re-entry program for people with brain injury in Central and Northern New Jersey, in raising awareness and funds for brain injury through Blue Jean Day.  By purchasing a wristband, employees of participating organizations were able to wear jeans to work for a day and have the chance to win raffle prizes while donating to the cause.NeuroRestorative Maryland Open House

“Our goal in participating in Blue Jean Day was to raise awareness about the prevalence of acquired brain injuries and the importance of taking safe measures, such as wearing a helmet, to prevent them,” says Laura Indriso, Program Director for NeuroRestorative New Jersey.  “It’s a great opportunity for NeuroRestorative to partner with another organization working towards a common goal.”

NeuroRestorative Maryland participated in Brain Injury Awareness Month by opening its doors to the community, inviting families and friends to stop by and learn about the program and its success.  The event, as well as its theme of self-empowerment, Trying to Find My Way, was conceived, planned and executed by participants to celebrate the rehabilitation journey of brain injury survivors as they work towards returning to the community.

NeuroRestorative Maryland also brought its campaign to raise awareness of brain injury to Capitol Hill on March 16 as participants and staff participated in Congressional Brain Injury Awareness Day in Washington, D.C.  The event was a way for both survivors and professionals in the field to network and meet with local congressional representatives to advocate for support of programs and continued research for brain injury.

“We feel it is important to get involved in initiatives that can help to gain a better understanding of brain injuries and of what the provider community is doing to address challenges that face the brain injury community, “  says Sunny Pippins, Program Director for NeuroRestorative Maryland.  “The staff and participants that went obtained a better understanding of the individuals and institutions working together to bring about continued attention and focus to a worthy cause.”

“As a leader in community-based, post-acute rehabilitation services for people with brain and spinal cord injury, it is our responsibility at NeuroRestorative to play our part in educating the community and raising awareness of brain injury,” says Victoria Harding, Vice President of Business Development for NeuroRestorative.  “This is an ideal we uphold not only every March, but throughout the year.”


To learn more about traumatic brain injury and the BIAA or how you can help spread awareness of brain injury, visit the BIAA website here