New Jersey Clubhouse Now Open!

Earlier this summer, NeuroRestorative New Jersey held the grand opening of our new Neurorehabilitation program in Burlington Township, NJ. The program provides Day Treatment & Outpatient Services for individuals with brain injury in a Clubhouse setting.

The Clubhouse is a structured work-ordered day program designed to promote and encourage productive activity. Clubhouse members develop skills and build self-esteem through daily work experience and that encourages each individual to follow their personal interests and enjoy educational, recreational and community activities.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the opening of NeuroRestorative New Jersey’s Clubhouse program,” says Jody Crowley, Vice President of Operations for NeuroRestorative’s Eastern states.  “The Clubhouse offers participants a unique opportunity to receive therapies in real-world settings where they can integrate rehabilitation and recovery into their everyday lives, resulting in greater success.”   

open houseOn July 29th, NeuroRestorative New Jersey hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house for staff, program participants and their families as well as members of the community.  The event was a tremendous success and was planned by NeuroRestorative New Jersey’s own Clubhouse members who were actively involved in sending out invitations, ordering refreshments, decorating the Clubhouse space and coordinating a variety of other event logistics.  In addition, NeuroRestorative New Jersey received a Ceremonial Resolution for the Clubhouse from the office of Senator Diane Allen in Burlington which was read aloud at the Grand Opening celebration.  

“The ribbon cutting ceremony was a great example of the benefits the Clubhouse offers to program participants,” says Drew Nagele, Director of Program Development for NeuroRestorative New Jersey. “Our Clubhouse members helped to plan the grand opening event – directly applying the skills they’ve developed through our rehabilitative therapies and support services.  With the doors now open, Clubhouse members will have ongoing opportunities to gain practical skills and greater independence by contributing to Clubhouse operations, whether through office tasks, meal preparation, planning events or exploring new skills and activities.

Visit the NeuroRestorative New Jersey location page to learn more.