NeuroRestorative Participants in Virginia Work to Renew their Vocational Skills and Portable Energy

Participants - Vocational ProgramThrough a partnership with SUNRNR of Virginia, a local manufacturer of zero-emission, portable generators run by renewable energy, participants of NeuroRestorative Virginia have found a rewarding employment opportunity.  For nearly a year, the participants have worked for SUNRNR each week, assembling the parts and inner workings of the generators that are then shipped to locations all over the world, providing energy sources in remote areas in places as far away as Australia.

The SUNRNRs are entirely produced  in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and work by storing energy made by solar panels or wind turbine to produce electricity to run lights, fans, computers, water pumps and other devices in an environmentally-friendly way.

“The relationship we have with SUNRNR is one we are proud of,” says Douglas Desper, a Program Director for NeuroRestorative.  “Vocational skills are an important part of the rehabilitative process and allow participants to fine-tune their skills and prepare for re-entry to the workforce. The fact that our participants can reap the rewards therapeutically as well as feel good about being part of something that is environmentally-conscious is a win-win situation.”

“I’ve done a lot of different jobs at SUNRNR and I’m now good at all of them," says Jacob, a NeuroRestorative Virginia participant and SUNRNR employee. “It’s great to get a paycheck and to see the finished work. I am also now going to welding school.”

“The job I do was difficult at first because one of my hands works better than the other,” says Stacy, another NeuroRestorative participant and SUNRNR employee.  “We have been able to find ways for me to get the job done well using my better hand.”

According to Victoria Harding, NeuroRestorative’s Vice President of Development, NeuroRestorative is thankful for SUNRNR’s founder, Alan Matticak, known lovingly as “The Bossman”, for recognizing that individuals with brain injury are capable of being valued, hard-working employees.

“When we started this relationship with the guys and gals at NeuroRestorative, I thought it was just the right thing to do,” says Alan.  “After only a couple of months, they proved themselves to be valuable employees.”  

Sales of SUNRNR are going so well that the company is considering offering employment opportunities to participants in other NeuroRestorative locations.

“At this point, I’d be lost without them," says Alan.  “They know what they are doing and they get the job done.  I don’t see any disability here on the job site!”

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