NeuroRestorative Rhode Island’s Ken Hellman Wins Ripple of Hope Award

Ken Hellman, NeuroRestorative Rhode IslandEach November, The MENTOR Network–of which NeuroRestorative is a partner–honors employees and independent contractors from across the organization whose compassion, energy and skill create ripples of hope in the lives of those we serve.  Ripple of Hope Award winners are nominated by their colleagues and chosen by The Network.  This year, NeuroRestorative was honored to have one of our own chosen to accept the award–Ken Hellman, Residential Supervisor for NeuroRestorative Rhode Island.

“When others give up on a client’s need for equipment or services, he views it as a challenge—making  endless phone calls, visits, whatever it takes,” says Rosemarie Coffey, Program Director for NeuroRestorative Rhode Island and Ken's nominator.

Ken began his career serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they transitioned out of Rhode Island’s institutions.  He then worked as a life skills trainer before moving into his current role working with individuals with brain injury at NeuroRestorative Rhode Island’s Charleston program.

Ken is constantly impressed by the individuals he serves.  “Seeing how far they come—we can all learn a lesson from that,” he says.  Ken’s Ripple of Hope Awardscoworkers are constantly impressed with him.

Determined to offer the individuals he serves access to a psychiatrist with brain injury training, Ken’s advocacy on behalf of those he serves shined.  When local resources said no—one after another—Ken pursued all channels, even creating new ones, to find someone who was willing and qualified.  And he didn’t stop there.  He coordinated specialized training and advocated for additional counselors and home visits.

“Ken supports each of the participants individually, not just in their needs, but in their dreams and goals,” says Rosemarie. “The participants we serve need more than just physical health, they need comprehensive services and Ken understands this.”

Ken’s goal is to give everyone he serves dignity and as much control over their environment as possible. “I can’t put myself in their shoes, but I can advocate for them as much as possible.”

View a video of Ken accepting his award from Bill Duffy, COO for NeuroRestorative

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