NJ Clubhouse Members Publish Newsletter

Whats on the Brain NewsletterAt NeuroRestorative New Jersey’s Clubhouse program in Burlington Township, members of the Communications Unit are learning new skills by publishing What’s on the Brain, a quarterly publication of NeuroRestorative New Jersey’s Rehabilitation Center and Clubhouse program.  Following the Clubhouse model, which uses a structured work-ordered day program, members of the Communications Unit drive the development and distribution of What’s on the Brain as well as a variety of other communications activities. 

With the support of their program coordinator Antoine Brown, the Communications Unit successfully launched What’s on the Brain this past fall, just a few months after the Clubhouse program opened in July.  Currently there are eight members of the Communications Unit who collaboratively identify new topics for each issue, as well as a plan to create and distribute their final publication. Whether members are writing articles, working on layout and design, or managing the distribution process each member has an opportunity to build skills through daily work on the newsletter.

“I’m extremely proud of the Communications Unit whose hard work has made our newsletter a popular publication for participants, families and staff throughout the state,” said Antoine Brown, Program Coordinator for NeuroRestorative New Jersey.  “Each member of our group is passionate about the work they do and in the process they have improved their time management, writing, organization and computer skills.” 

In addition to the newsletter, the Communications Unit also started the “Sunshine Group” which provides ongoing support and encouragement to all Clubhouse members including recognizing members’ birthdays or calling individuals when they’re absent from the program.  The Communications Unit also maintains the Clubhouse bulletin boards, announces the “member of the month”, assists with mailings, and provides general office and phone support.  

At NeuroRestorative New Jersey’s Clubhouse program, every member plays in active role in designing and managing their own rehabilitation program.  Through the work-ordered day program members have opportunities to participate in a number of real-world activities – from producing newsletters and other communications to meal preparation and event planning.  With ongoing support from Clubhouse staff members can receive therapies through daily work experience, improve their practical living skills and engage in personal interests such as music, art, and recreational activities.