Our Approach

NeuroRestorative has developed an effective and flexible continuum of care that enables us to provide individually tailored programs and services to individuals at many stages of post-acute rehabilitation. From ongoing medical care and physical therapies to Neurobehavioral services and supported living programs, we design and deliver person-centered rehabilitation programs by selecting the right level of services and support for each individual that comes to us. Our continuum also provides many types of community-based settings, enhancing our ability to support individuals with a range of neurological challenges and often enables participants to remain close to home.

We believe in a concurrent, four-pronged approach to delivering superior rehabilitation services:

  • Rehabilitative Treatment: Our expert treatment teams develop and deliver highly individualized support and therapeutic services to treat underlying impairments and remove barriers to returning to work, home and community life.  
  • Restoring Functional Skills & Abilities: We help participants develop compensatory strategies and to help individuals transition between therapeutic skill development and functional use.
  • Education: We focus on providing education and resources for each participant and their family to help them understand the changes that result from brain injury and to maintain progress over time. 
  • Real world Application: Our program participants actively practice skills and strategies acquired during specialized rehabilitation activities to assist them in transitioning back to the community. 

Individualized Services

Recognizing that each individual is unique, our expert therapists work to incorporate the interests of the participant when developing their brain injury rehabilitation plan and ongoing support. In addition, we encourage participants to engage in personal interests such as music or art, and strive to develop opportunities for educational, recreational and community activities throughout the rehabilitative process.

Close to Home

With brain injury rehabilitation programs across the country, we offer options close to home so family members can participate in the rehabilitation process, visit their loved one and learn optimal strategies for helping maintain their goals when at home while participants can benefit from the support of family and friends throughout their time with us.