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NeuroRestorative’s brain injury supported living programs, often thought of as assisted living, specialize in empowering participants by offering them the opportunity to live as independently as possible and become contributing members of the community while still receiving the support they need to improve their quality of life.  In our brain injury assisted and supported living programs, we encourage participants to do as much for themselves as possible, with the knowledge and comfort that our staff is there to support them whenever the need arises.  Services and supports are designed to help individuals enhance personal awareness of strengths and limitations, and to continue to develop emotional confidence and self-worth.

Brain Injury Assisted & Supported Living Program Highlights

  • Providing a safe and healthy environment of support–health, physical, emotional
  • Fostering autonomy, dignity, personal growth and development
  • Maximizing independence in daily living
  • Encouraging personal decision-making
  • Achieving a balanced, productive and recreational lifestyle
  • Encouraging active family participation
  • Developing rewarding interpersonal relationships
  • Achieving involvement into community life

participantA Lifelong Approach
At NeuroRestorative, we believe that rehabilitation is a life-long process and there are always opportunities to continue to learn and achieve success.  Our assisted and supported living programs are designed to offer flexible, individualized support for people with brain injury as they move through the different phases of their lives.  As participants move along our support continuum, they are able to retain the skills they developed in earlier stages of rehabilitation, while at the same time developing new skills that allow them to continue to achieve their personal goals.

participant paintingCommunity Living
We know how important it is for individuals who have experienced a brain injury to build strong ties with–and be contributing members of–their own communities.  We place a strong emphasis on the importance of achieving a balanced productive and recreational lifestyle, and support our participants to do so.  We recognize that each individual is unique and work to incorporate the interests of the participant when developing their plan of support.  Our expert staff encourages participants to engage in personal interests such as music or art, and strives to develop opportunities for educational, recreational and community activities.

participant cookingResidential Options
NeuroRestorative’s assisted and supported living programs offer participants the opportunity to live as independently as possible in the community.  Whether that means supporting an individual as they live in their own home or in one of our residential settings, including our small group residences or supervised apartments, our goal is to empower each individual we serve to experience a meaningful quality of life of fulfilling relationships and independence. 

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