Neurobehavioral Programs

Our neurobehavioral programs enhance an individual’s participation in their rehabilitation program by empowering each person to participate in daily and community activities as independently as possible.

Individuals with brain injury sometimes find it challenging to manage their emotions and behaviors.  Everyday challenges or issues that would typically lead to mild frustration for most people can often become a much larger obstacle as a result of a person’s injury. Our neurobehavioral program helps participants learn practical and effective self-management strategies that allow them to better manage their behaviors and reaction to a range of situations.

NeuroRestorative’s neurobehavioral programs are offered in a range of program settings that include varying degrees of staff assistance. While some participants may require 24-hour supervision, others are able to benefit from more individual time. Our interdisciplinary treatment team develops an individualized treatment plan tailored to the goals of each participant. Treatment plans may include behavior modification, socialization skills training, substance abuse treatment, family therapy, physical management programs and more.

View our Neurobehavioral System Of Care Brochure here.