Who We Serve

NeuroRestorative serves people of all ages with brain and spinal cord injury as well as other neurological challenges. In a variety of locations and settings, we offer a continuum of care and support options, including specialized services for children, adolescents, Military Service Members and Veterans.

Our rehabilitation services are delivered in community-based settings where participants receive structured support and compassionate care. Many of our programs integrate work and social experiences to help participants build skills, develop self-esteem and actively participate in the community. Our philosophy of combining functional therapies and everyday experiences in real-world settings enhances the overall therapeutic gain for program participants.

Rehabilitation Services for Adults

Our services help adults with brain, spinal cord and other neurological challenges rebuild their lives, increase their independence and return to their homes and communities whenever possible.

Adolescent & Pediatric Services

At NeuroRestorative we empower children and teens with brain, spinal cord and medically complex injuries to reach their potential in unique environments that support their physical, academic and emotional growth.

Services for Veterans & Military

Our specialized rehabilitation services and supports designed to meet the unique needs of Military Service Members and Veterans recovering from traumatic brain and spinal cord injury as well as other complex injuries.