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Announcing This Quarter’s NeuroRestorative Heroes

NeuroRestorative Heroes is an employee recognition program through which we celebrate employees whose actions make them a hero to those we serve or their colleagues.

At NeuroRestorative, we are proud to have an amazing team of employees working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve with brain and spinal cord injuries and other neurological challenges. From clinicians to direct care workers to administrative support staff, we strive to ensure all our employees feel valued, supported and recognized for the important work that they do. That is why we created NeuroRestorative Heroes, an employee recognition program designed to celebrate employees whose actions make them a hero to those we serve or their colleagues.

Each quarter, we recognize one NeuroRestorative Hero from different NeuroRestorative programs. NeuroRestorative Heroes is open to all NeuroRestorative employees, and co-workers, supervisors, participants and other community members are encouraged to submit nominations. This quarter, we are proud to recognize staff members who are not just dedicated employees, but true advocates for the individuals we serve.

“The NeuroRestorative Heroes program is a great way to recognize and thank our valued employees” said Bill Duffy, NeuroRestorative President. “On behalf of everyone at NeuroRestorative, I want to thank all of our passionate and dedicated employees and congratulate this quarter’s NeuroRestorative Heroes.”

 Q1 NeuroRestorative Heroes:

Tina Lukefahr, Nursing Administrative Assistant, NeuroRestorative Carbondale

As an integral part of the NeuroRestorative Carbondale nursing team, Tina manages nursing staff schedules for more than 20 houses and ensures that staff nurses have the supplies necessary.  Tina is also a member of the Employee Appreciation Team and assists with the planning and execution of staff appreciation parties. These events often include food, live music, door prizes, and multiple activities for staff and their family members. She comes in early and stays late to be an active part of that team while also completing her daily responsibilities without missing a beat.

“Tina is the backbone of the nursing program, and I am confident that all of the Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Med-Assist on the team feel the same way,” said Chrystal Manning, Director of Nursing, NeuroRestorative Carbondale.

Jackie Schihl, Rehabilitation Specialist / Team Lead, NeuroRestorative Michigan

Jackie is an exceptional Rehabilitation Specialist/Team Lead in Whitehall, Michigan. Her primary responsibilities include training new staff and providing ongoing education to experienced team members. Anytime staff members request additional support, Jackie will come in early and stay late to ensure the staff feel confident taking on any challenge they may encounter. She consistently makes an effort to boost staff morale and habitually recognizes her team for a job well done. Jackie is also a fierce advocate for the participants she serves, always making sure they have everything they need.

“Jackie is one of the most compassionate people I’ve had the honor to work with,” said Beth Gorkisch, Program Manager, NeuroRestorative Michigan.

Michael Oun, Facility Manager, NeuroRestorative Florida

As the Facility Manager for NeuroRestorative Florida, Michael faced a tremendous challenge recently when Hurricane Irma moved into Florida. He went above and beyond to ensure that participants and staff members were safe while preparing the Clearwater, Tampa, and Sarasota programs for the storm. Michael was organized and thoughtful while making preparations, offering support and emergency preparedness education to staff and participants.  After the storm had passed, he led a post-hurricane clean-up crew at all locations. Michael put in extra hours during the clean-up process to ensure that debris was removed and all locations were once again made safe for participants, staff and visitors.

“Michael is truly a hero in our eyes. He is a great man of responsibility, integrity and skill,” said Jermaine La’Darius Belcher, Quality Improvement Specialist, NeuroRestorative Florida.

Wendy Sherman, LST / Shift Supervisor, NeuroRestorative Arkansas  

Wendy’s experience and compassion make her invaluable to the Timber Ridge program, which she has served for 26 years. Her calm demeanor is a tremendous asset at challenging times.  Wendy seems to innately know how to improve a difficult situation. Her co-workers describe her as always being available to share knowledge or lend an ear when needed. Wendy likes to knit and cook in her spare time and often donates the things she makes to the participants at NeuroRestorative Arkansas. Her unwavering dedication to rebuilding lives after brain injury makes her a NeuroRestorative Hero.

“She is more than a hero, and I strive to be just like her,” said Nala Hirtzinger, LST, NeuroRestorative Arkansas.