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NeuroRestorative Kentucky Displays Artwork in City Hall

Watercolor artwork painted by NeuroRestorative Kentuckyparticipants is currently on display at City Hall in Paducah, KY and will be featured during the Mayor’s Art Club reception in February.

The art project began last April when Carolyn Mancuso-Seagraff, Special Projects Coordinator for NeuroRestorative’s Kentucky program in Paducah, started instructing a weekly water color art class for participants. Her class focused on teaching the fundamentals of using water color, including how to merge colors using water and how to paint with various types of brushes and media.

“Basically, the goal was to help the class see that art is in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone can be creative, artistic and produce works of art that others can enjoy if they just relax and keep an open mind as to what “art” really means,” said Mancuso-Seagraff.

Initially, the majority of Mancuso-Seagraff’s class did not acknowledge their artwork for its elegance. Until she put the artwork into frames was the moment when members of her class started to show appreciation for their work.

“Once framed, the class was not only able to see the art’s beauty, but they were inspired to produce more and explore their interpretation of art. Everyone has something to offer. My class just didn’t see it until the paintings were framed and hung up,” said Mancuso-Seagraff.

The NeuroRestorative participants’ artwork will be on display at Paducah City Hall through the end of March 2015.