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NeuroRestorative’s Horn and Lewis to present at BIA conferences this March

Our very own Gordon J. Horn, Ph.D., National Deputy Director of Clinical Outcomes Services, and Frank Lewis, Ph.D., CBIST, Director of Clinical Outcomes, are representing NeuroRestorative at conferences sponsored by state affiliates of the BIA during the month of March.

Dr. Horn will be featured as a keynote speaker for the Brain Injury Association of Maryland’s Conference on March 27th. Horn will present “A Practical Guide to Post-hospital Neurorehabilitation Outcomes,” focusing on neurological rehabilitation programming and outcomes following the hospital level of care.

Horn will also present a breakout session titled “Is That Behavior “Neurobehavioral” or Not? New Approaches for New Outcomes,” which will address the residual behavioral complications that can occur from neurological injury. To find out more about Dr. Horn’s presentation and the BIA-MD conference, click here.

Dr. Lewis will present in the 34th Annual Brain Injury Conference hosted by the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts on March 26th. The presentation titled “Neurologic Continuum of Care: Evidence-Based Model of Post-Hospital System of Care” will describe the nature and evidence for neural plasticity after a severe brain injury. It will also focus on evaluating the efficacy of four levels of post-hospital care based on the outcomes from 1276 adults with acquired brain injury.