FY 2013: Q4 Heroes

BobAlves_OnRightEast Region
Robert Alves
Team Leader, NeuroRestorative Massachusetts
3 years of service with NeuroRestorative

Robert ‘Bob’ Alves was nominated by two co-workers for his uncanny ability to make connections and form lasting relationships with the participants he serves.  As team leader, Bob has many responsibilities but makes it a priority to spend quality time with participants, helping to further enhance their experience at NeuroRestorative.  He recently accompanied a participant to a Bob Dylan concert, something the participant’s family never thought would be a possibility. Before meeting Bob the participant rarely spent time in the community, but today the two take weekly trips to the sub shop, go for haircuts and exercise in the program’s gym together.  According to the participant’s mother, Bob’s support has helped him regain his life again.

“Bob is able to develop such a great therapeutic rapport with all the participants whom we get the privilege to meet and work with. He guides the staff on shift to ensure all the participants’ needs are met and their quality of life is enhanced. Participants and families constantly recognize Bob’s positive contributions.” – Linda Griffith, Program Manager of NeuroRehabilitation Services, NeuroRestorative Massachusetts.

South East Region
Jamar Berry
Life Skills Trainer, NeuroRestorative Louisiana
1.5 years of service with NeuroRestorative

With seven nominations, including three from participants, it is clear Jamar Berry is not only an inspiration to his co-workers, but also to the individuals he serves.  Jamar’s bright personality livens up any room he enters and creates a fun environment that everyone enjoys.  His co-workers praise his calming influence and determination to always put his best effort into every task.  Participants value his concern and fun loving approach to support.

“He takes good care of me.  We play dominoes together.  We always enjoy when he is working.” – Boe Palmer, an individual served by NeuroRestorative Louisiana.

Central Region
Donna Burroughs
Life Skills Trainer, NeuroRestorative Carbondale
5 months of service with NeuroRestorative

As a Life Skills Trainer, Donna Burroughs is constantly adapting to meet the needs of the individuals she supports.  Thinking on her feet, she recently utilized her CPR training to save a participant’s life.  While eating dinner one evening, Donna noticed the participant was experiencing some challenges swallowing. Without hesitation, Donna called for the on-duty RN and began performing CPR she had learned in training.  Donna successfully cleared the blockage and was commended for her heroic efforts by the responding EMS workers and her colleagues.

“Donna’s ability to think quickly and logically on her feet makes her an invaluable employee.  The well-being of the participants we serve is of the utmost importance to her, and her actions demonstrate her commitment to the rehabilitation of individuals with brain injuries.” – Garrett Cook, Program Director of Supported Living, NeuroRestorative Carbondale.

South Central Region
Debbie Eaton
Accounts Payable, NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge
28 years of service with NeuroRestorative

Debbie Eaton embodies a true NeuroRestorative Hero.  A dedicated and skilled employee, she goes above and beyond in every one of her duties. Though she does not work directly with participants, Debbie does not miss a chance to interact with the individuals her program serves, attending every event with a positive attitude.  Debbie inspires everyone she meets and her contributions over 28 years with NeuroRestorative are innumerable.

“Debbie’s loyalty to NeuroRestorative and our mission has been steadfast.  She is a daily hero and we are honored to have such a tremendous employee.” – Mary Lewis, Program Director, NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge.