FY 2014: Q1 Heroes

East Region
Bonnie Winsor
Team Leader, NeuroRestorative Rhode Island
3 years of service with NeuroRestorative

Bonnie Winsor was nominated by her supervisor for her steadfast dedication to the individuals she serves, as an advocate as well as a means of support. Realizing the participants’ love for animals, Bonnie pursued a pet therapy certification and brings her pet therapy dog into the program every week. She has even begun to incorporate one individual into the training of a new pet therapy puppy. She truly enjoys engaging every participant at NeuroRestorative Rhode Island, and loves getting them involved in community activities. Bonnie, currently pursuing a behavior therapy certification, leads by example, encouraging staff to learn new approaches to support and always remain positive.

“Bonnie is an excellent role model for staff and is extremely dedicated to the individuals we serve. Her colleagues love working with her, and strive to have an open mind and provide the highest level of support to each participant because of her example.” – Rosemarie Coffey, Program Director, NeuroRestorative Rhode Island.

South East Region
Patty Goolsby
Program Director, NeuroRestorative Georgia
2 years of service with NeuroRestorative

Nominated by two of the women she supervises, Patty’s passion for the individuals she serves and their loved ones is inspiring. In September, Patty volunteered her personal time to serve as a counselor at Camp Hargrove, a three day overnight camp for brain injury survivors, so individuals from NeuroRestorative Georgia could attend. Patty revels in developing new and exciting community-based activities for the participants she supports, and takes part in organizing the Augusta Brain Injury Support Group as well as the annual Brain Injury Awareness Walk. Patty comes to work every day with a smile on her face ready to encourage the best from everyone around her with her open door policy and continuous hands on training.

“Patty is a true leader. She wears many hats in her role as program director, and she makes a difference in so many lives. Her extraordinary effort to assist brain injury survivors in having ordinary experiences that enhance their quality of life does not go unnoticed.” –  Loys Martina Hanson, Speech Language Pathologist, NeuroRestorative Georgia

Central Region
Arielle Hood
Residential Team Lead, NeuroRestorative Carbondale
3 years of service with NeuroRestorative

As a Residential Team Lead, Arielle Hood knows how to think on her feet. Her ability to adapt under demanding circumstances was tested when a kitchen fire broke out while the staff was preparing dinner for the participants one evening. When she became aware of the situation Arielle sprang into action, extinguishing the fire and getting the participants and staff to safety. Arielle’s quick thinking kept damage to a minimum and kept everyone in the home out of harm’s way.

“Arielle demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in the face of a potentially catastrophic event. Many thanks on behalf of everyone at NeuroRestorative Carbondale.” – Michelle Lynn Vaughn, Clinical Director, NeuroRestorative Carbondale.

South Central Region
Iliana Gonzalez
Life Skills Trainer, NeuroRestorative San Antonio
1 year of service with NeuroRestorative

Iliana Gonzalez embodies a true NeuroRestorative Hero.  A dedicated and skilled employee, she goes above and beyond in every one of her duties. She provides superior support to every individual she serves and takes her job very seriously. Iliana is an advocate for all of the participants she serves, and her commitment to NeuroRestorative’s mission is unwavering.

“On any given day you will find Iliana taking a leadership role, making sure participants are properly cared for and that therapy staff is informed with all the pertinent information. She is a fantastic role model for other staff and is always enthusiastic about her work.” – Victoria Padron, Home Manager, NeuroRestorative San Antonito.