FY 2014: Q4 Heroes

North East Region

NeuroRestorative Hero Donna ShuttieDonna Shuttie
Day Program Supervisor, NeuroRestorative New Jersey
24 years of service with NeuroRestorative
Nominated by: Judith McCarty, Community Cognitive Therapist

Donna Shuttie’s daily interactions with staff members and participants of NeuroRestorative’s day program in Delran, NJ do not go unnoticed. Her caring approach and positive attitude provide a pathway for others to follow and make a positive impact throughout the program. Whether Donna is training new team members or helping participants after hours, she consistently gives her time to ensure that both clients and staff members are successful. A 24-year veteran employee of NeuroRestorative, Donna takes pride in getting to know every participant and staff member and thrives on helping others achieve their goals.

“I would not be as successful as I am if it were not for Donna Shuttie,” said Judith McCarty, Donna’s colleague and nominator. “She is a hero to all of our program participants and to us as staff who know we have someone we can count on no matter what.”

South East Region

NeuroRestorative Hero, Craig MaysCraig Mays
Life Skills Trainer/Team Lead, NeuroRestorative Florida
7 years of service with NeuroRestorative
Nominated by: Shannon Fimple, Program Director

Craig Mays is a true team player and a shining example of a NeuroRestorative Hero. He consistently steps up when the Sarasota program needs additional support and offers to fill-in for other team members whenever the need arises. Having served as a Life Skills Trainer for the past 6 years, Craig is a hard-working employee who is at his best when he is interacting with the individuals he supports. Recently, Craig was promoted to Team Lead and recognized for his continued dedication to those we serve by being named employee of the month.

“It is a privilege to have such wonderful team members like Craig,” said Shannon Fimple, program director for NeuroRestorative Florida’s program in Sarasota and Craig’s nominator. “He has such a great rapport with our participants and other staff members and I look forward to seeing him continue to grow with NeuroRestorative.”

Central Region

NeuroRestorative Hero, Angela WaltersAngela Walters
Program Manager, NeuroRestorative Kentucky
2 years of service with NeuroRestorative
Nominated by: Carolyn Mancuso-Seagraff, Program Director

Angela ‘Angie’ Walters began her career with NeuroRestorative Kentucky as an occupational therapist in our residential program in Paducah. She has a flair for the practical approach to problem-solving and her experience in occupational therapy has helped her become a tremendous leader and role model in our organization. In her current role as Program Manager, Angie solicits input from participants as well as clinical leads, direct support staff and supervisors to create groups, classes and activities that help individuals achieve beyond their expectations. Angie always goes the extra mile, and proactively takes on new responsibilities while staying focused on the needs of program participants.

“Angie embraces change and challenges everyone around her to achieve more than they can imagine,” said Carolyn Mancuso-Seagraff, Angie’s nominator and supervisor. “She is a pleasure to work with and demonstrates unquestionable integrity and principles, creating a positive experience for everyone in our program.”

South Central Region

Rick Curtis
Property Supervisor, NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge
12 years of service with NeuroRestorative
Nominated by: Rob McDaniel, Regional VP, South Central Region and Tony Neumann, Field IT, Business Solutions Analyst

Rick Curtis is always ready to lend a hand, wherever it is needed. As the property supervisor of a 320-acre campus with multiple residences and buildings, Rick wears many hats and fulfills numerous responsibilities on a daily basis. He oversees the maintenance and housekeeping departments, serves as the program’s safety officer and as a key member of the NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge management team. In addition to his daily commitments, Rick leads the program’s efforts to implement new systems and technologies in a manner that is safe, cost-effective and achieves optimal results. Accreditation teams from JACHO and CARF are continuously impressed with Rick’s work as well as his colleagues at TimberRidge and The MENTOR Network.

“Rick’s positive attitude and team player approach set him apart as an inspiring and effective leader,” said Rob McDaniel, VP of Operations and one of Rick’s nominators. “He consistently does what needs to be done and never backs down from a challenge.”