FY 2015: Q1 Heroes

Allison Vaughan
Quality Assurance Specialist, NeuroRestorative New Jersey
3 years of service with NeuroRestorative

Hardworking, caring and diligent, Allison Vaughan began her career with NeuroRestorative three years ago, and has since developed and implemented system improvements in an effort to continuously enhance the quality of services the organization provides. As a Quality Assurance Specialist, Allison is methodical in her report and policy writing, and is also thorough when completing chart audits and training fellow staff members. As an individual who genuinely cares about the well-being of others, Allison always finds moments to brighten the day of NeuroRestorative participants by engaging in conversations with them and figuring out ways to help improve their care.

“Allison is an excellent role model and leader for our staff—a prime example of how caring, hard work, follow-through, and professionalism can help you grow professionally at NeuroRestorative. I have the privilege of supervising Allison and have always been grateful for her dedication to quality of care for the people we serve,” said Shelly M. King, Regional Director of Quality Assurance and Allison’s supervisor.

Dedra Angel
Director, Referral and Admission Group, NeuroRestorative Arkansas
20 years of service with NeuroRestorative

A longtime employee of NeuroRestorative, Dedra Angel manages a team responsible for coordinating the referral and admission process for hundreds of referrals throughout the year. Demonstrating leadership and management skills, Dedra does whatever it takes to ensure referrals are processed in a timely manner, even if it requires working many extra hours into the evening or on weekends to meet her staff’s requests for time off. Dedra’s commitment to advocacy for people with brain injury is evident to everyone she works with.

“Dedra’s leadership is demonstrated by her ability to guide her team to meet the demands of referral sources, family members, funding representatives, co-workers, amidst constant phone calls, IT innovation projects, billing issues and many other distractions. In addition, Dedra is always there for her staff and NeuroRestorative’s participants and their families,” said Roger Carrillo, NeuroRestorative’s Vice President, Business Development.

Steve Miller and Jim Haake
Facilities Operations Director, NeuroRestorative Carbondale; Maintenance Staff, NeuroRestorative Florida
7 years of service with NeuroRestorative; 13 years of service with NeuroRestorative

No matter the task, Steve Miller and Jim Haake are always willing to lend a hand when needed. As Facilities Operations Director, Steve teamed up with Jim, a Maintenance Staff member, to assist the NeuroRestorative Georgia program with an issue that resulted in significant damage to a program. When NeuroRestorative Georgia had a challenge securing an outside vendor, Steve and Jim decided to take the task upon themselves. After quickly booking airline tickets, both Steve and Jim arrived in Georgia ready to help; they ripped out the walls and solved the problem. Their willingness, professionalism and team player spirit are just a few of the reasons they have been selected as joint recipients of this quarter’s NeuroRestorative Heroes Award.

“Thank you Steve and Jim for your willingness to help us out. You both are truly team players and we appreciate your help very much,” said Patty Goolsby, NeuroRestorative Georgia’s Program Director.

Christy Morris
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, NeuroRestorative Kentucky
6 1/2 years of service with NeuroRestorative

Christy Morris maintains a high level of concern for the care of those served, as well as in her interactions with co-workers, peers and supervisors. In her role at NeuroRestorative, Christy exemplifies knowledge, experience, flexibility and a caring approach. No matter the task at hand, Christy follows through because she knows that it is important to the health, safety and progress of those we serve. Christy sees the potential in everyone, and is resilient and determined to help those served succeed.

“Christy makes the treatment services better; she gives unselfishly; and she cares and shows it in her interactions, expectations and willingness to do not only what’s asked, but identify what’s needed without being asked. She works with challenging participants and is able to achieve progress when other programs have long given up on achieving change,” said Carolyn Mancuso-Seagraff, Christy’s supervisor.

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