FY 2015: Q2 Heroes

Michael Maddox
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, NeuroRestorative Kentucky
3 years of service with NeuroRestorative

Mike is described by his peers as always going above and beyond the requirements of his role as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. Invested in the health and overall well-being of NeuroRestorative participants, Mike continues to find innovative ways to make life easier for individuals served and his fellow staff members. After learning what works or aids in a participant’s rehabilitation, Mike gladly shares the information in the simplest way possible with the Louisville program’s Life Skills Trainers.

“All of Mike’s clients often state that they wouldn’t be doing as well as they are if it wasn’t for him. They know they can count on him to help them reach their potential. As a team, we appreciate all of the hard work Mike puts in on a daily basis and believe he more than deserves to be recognized as a NeuroRestorative Hero,” said Heather Dunn, Licensed Practical Nurse and Mike’s coworker.

Demetrice Bush
Residential Supervisor, NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge
3 years of service with NeuroRestorative

Demetrice is a Residential Supervisor at NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge, one of the leading pediatric brain injury facilities in the country. In her role, Demetrice does an exemplary job of working with the staff that she supervises and is invested in ensuring a quality work environment. Demetrice believes that modeling, rather than telling, how to do a task or responsibility is an effective way teach her staff.

“Since Demetrice has taken on the role of Residential Supervisor, staff retention has improved, morale is up and her staff has more pride in what they do to help our clients improve,” said Joseph Steven Wilkinson, NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge’s Program Director and Demetrice’s supervisor.

Roxanne Goldammer
Program Director, NeuroRestorative Michigan
Over 5 years of service with NeuroRestorative

Roxanne is complimented by her peers for thinking outside of the box when problems need to be solved. When an individual displayed an immediate need for admission into the NeuroRestorative program in Traverse City, yet needed services the program didn’t offer, Roxanne found a way to support. Due to Roxanne’s optimistic attitude and solutions-oriented mindset, NeuroRestorative Michigan was able to provide a living and rehabilitation situation for that individual who today is participating in productive activity in the community and living a quality life. When complimented on her innovative thinking and action, Roxanne is just happy to help when needed.

“Whether it is her work with the homeless in Traverse City, MI or her volunteering with the youth of her church or working on behalf of people with brain injury, Roxanne just quietly gets it done. She is a true NeuroRestorative Hero!” said Victoria Harding, Vice President of Development.

Robert D. Titus
Case Manager, NeuroRestorative Massachusetts
1 1/2 years of service with NeuroRestorative

Robert is a significant asset to NeuroRestorative’s Host Home Program in Braintree, Massachusetts. Coworkers describe him as dependable, trustworthy and committed to supporting individuals and their families who have endured trauma through brain and spinal cord injury. Dedicated to his role as a Case Manager, Robert is skilled in providing comprehensive treatment and service planning to NeuroRestorative participants.

“Safety and positive rapport are important to Robert and speak loudly in his documentation and professionalism. He is a valued team member and represents the program and organization with high regard to our mission,” said Hillary C. Pacheco, Program Director and Robert’s supervisor.

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