FY 2016: Q1 Heroes

Christina Ozley, Life Skills Trainer and Team Lead, NeuroRestorative Avalon Park 

Christina, a Life Skills Trainer and Team Lead at NeuroRestorative Avalon Park, is known by her peers as dedicated and hard-working. Despite whatever challenges that arise—a stressful day or a complicated situation—Christina is always committed to the task at hand. In fact, everything she does is done with a smile. It is her infectious personality and absolute professionalism that make an impact on the individuals she serves. On Christina’s days off from work, she continues to dedicate herself to others. She volunteers her time outside of her normal work schedule by attending community picnics and events with participants, taking time to socialize and treat them with utmost respect and courtesy. It is Christina’s caring and dedicated manner that allow others to always count on her for support.

“When we need an extra hand or something needs to get done, regardless of the type of task, Christina always volunteers to help out, and we can always count on Christina to do it with care and attention to detail,” said Jennie Riley, Christina’s nominator and Residential Supervisor, NeuroRestorative Avalon Park.

Jo King, Internal Case Manager/Director of Nursing, NeuroRestorative Kentucky

Thinking of innovative ways to engage her participants is something that comes naturally to Jo in her role as Director of Nursing and Internal Case Manager at NeuroRestorative Kentucky’s program in Ashland. In addition to providing individuals the medical support they need to grow, Jo always finds ways to help them engage with the community. Whether it’s planning a fundraiser or a fall festival, Jo comes up with ways to enhance the lives of participants and expose them to different activities and learning opportunities. From leading participants on a home repair project out in the community to starting the Ashland program’s Brain Injury Support Group, Jo is dedicated to improving the lives of others.

“I’ve never met anyone in my life that does so much for others. No matter what happens in her world; for example, a loved one with an illness or death in the family, Jo always puts those in need first. She truly deserves this recognition,” said Miranda Spillman, Licensed Practical Nurse, NeuroRestorative Kentucky.

“Jo King is one of a kind. She continues to put our participants’ wants and needs before herself,” said Mary Smith, Office Coordinator, NeuroRestorative Kentucky.

Kristen Wright, Program Coordinator, NeuroRestorative Michigan 

Always putting a smile on the face of others, Kristen uses her positive attitude and helpful demeanor as she works with participants. Kristen demonstrates genuine care for the individuals she serves through the way she communicates and interacts with them. In her role as Program Coordinator at NeuroRestorative Michigan’s program in Novi, Kristen is always looking for different ways to increase participants’ independence and socialization skills through an array of techniques and activities. In addition, Kristen’s fellow staff members enjoy working with her as she provides valuable assistance and takes her time to answer others’ questions. It is Kristen’s empathy, diligence, quality of work, dedication and leadership that make Kristen a NeuroRestorative Hero.
“Kristen knows her job and does it well. Her approach with participants is so impressive. She makes everyone (staff and participants) feel welcome in her presence,” said Lisa Variot, Rehabilitation Specialist, NeuroRestorative Michigan.

“Kristen frequently has a new staff member shadowing her or sitting with her to observe her complete documentation or report writing. Kristen is always willing to take time out of her day to help teach and provide direction to coworkers,” said Sara Pierce, Program Director, NeuroRestorative Michigan.

“Kristen is someone I would love to have caring for me, and I truly think she is an asset to this company,” said Cynthia Dieck, Life Skills Technician, NeuroRestorative Michigan.

Carmen Clark, Residential Supervisor, NeuroRestorative Carbondale 

In her role as Residential Supervisor at NeuroRestorative Carbondale in Illinois, Carmen strives to understand who her participants are so that she may assist as best she can with the programming, community integration and socialization aspects of their rehabilitation process. A problem solver at heart, Carmen uses her listening skills to better enhance participants’ experiences at NeuroRestorative Carbondale. Carmen truly cares for the individuals she works with and does all she can to help her colleagues.

“Carmen provides the utmost care for the participants she serves. She continues to want to know her participants so she can be active in their rehabilitation experience” said Kim Hughes, Case Manager, NeuroRestorative Carbondale.