FY 2016: Q2 Heroes

Jonty Constant-Dunkley, Life Skills Trainer and Team Lead, NeuroRestorative North Carolina

Jonty is a significant asset to NeuroRestorative North Carolina as a Life Skills Trainer and Team Lead.  The individuals she serves describe her as always going the extra mile and being receptive to their requests.  It does not go unnoticed that she treats each of them with kindness, respect and patience.  Jonty also consistently goes above and beyond for her peers and those she supervises.  Her commitment to supporting the individuals and families served by NeuroRestorative is evident in the care and passion she applies to the work she does each day.

“Thank you for the job you do and for your relationship with me.  Remember, you are my Hero,” said a participant at NeuroRestorative North Carolina.

“She goes the extra mile to be sure I’m cared for,” said a participant at NeuroRestorative North Carolina.

“Jonty goes above and beyond for everyone.  She is extremely caring and it shows through her work,” said Elizabeth Woodrich, LST, NeuroRestorative North Carolina.

Tina Smith, Supervisor for Community Houses, NeuroRestorative Pennsylvania 

Starting her career with NeuroRestorative as a LST, Tina has always led by example and does an exemplary job of working with the staff that she supervises and is invested in ensuring a quality work environment.  Tina cares about all participants, their safety and most importantly, their happiness.  Tina is also a strong advocate for recognizing staff when they do exceptional work.  She never allows her own workload to keep her from helping another team member who may need guidance or assistance.  She is an outstanding staff member in every role she has played during her career with NeuroRestorative.

“Over the years, Tina has always been the best role model for every LST and continues to prove her worth to this company,” said Justine Sullivan, LPN, NeuroRestorative Pennsylvania.

Sara Tully, Behavior Analyst, NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge 

High energy and quick witted, Sara’s great motivation is contiguous to others.  As a Behavior Analyst, Sara works with the family members of our participants to help them understand how to do their part in the behavior process.  Any job or task that needs to be done, Sara takes care of it, from changing bedding and clipping finger nails to helping with fire drills or a violent situation drill.  As a CPI instructor for the facility, Sara gives incredible presentations on behavior and rehabilitation.  It is Sara’s quality of work, dedication and leadership that make her a NeuroRestorative Hero.

“There are not many people like Sara.  She gives you all of the qualities you look for in an employee in one person and truly cares about others,” said Rick Curtis, Property Manager, NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge.

Quanita Vaughn, Residential Team Lead, NeuroRestorative Carbondale

Quanita is described by her peers as always going above and beyond the requirements of her role as Residential Team Lead.  Invested in the health and overall well-being of NeuroRestorative participants, Quanita has “come to the rescue” many times, even when she is not on the clock.  She is committed to making life easier for her fellow staff members with her big heart.  She continues to want to know her participants which allows for great rapports with the individuals she serves.  Time and again, Quanita has proven to be calm and provide great communication in a crisis situation.  Quanita truly cares for the individuals she works with and does all she can to help her colleagues.

“She always goes above and beyond and has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met!  I am, as well as the staff she leads and the participants she serves, so very thankful for her,” said Kim Heape, Residential Supervisor, NeuroRestorative Carbondale.

“Quanita provides the utmost care for the participants she serves.  She works hard and is a delight to be around,” said Kim Hughes, Case Manager, NeuroRestorative Carbondale.