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Success Stories

Fighting for Kathryn: How One Mother’s Actions Made a Difference

Typically a very methodical rider, Kathryn underestimated the last jump of the course and fell off of Bella, hitting her head. She was airlifted to the nearby University of Maryland’s Trauma Shock Hospital, and was diagnosed with a mild concussion and neck injury. But it wasn’t until nearly two years later that Kathryn was diagnosed with a TBI.

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Former-NFL Player Gene Breen’s “Playbook” for Quality of Life after Brain Injury

In the playbook, I was the quarterback, Dr. Horn was the coach, and Nancy and all the other therapists were my team. NeuroRestorative’s neurobehavioral programs help former athletes such as Gene Breen and other brain injury survivors get the care they need to manage their behaviors and improve their quality of life.

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Saving Noah, Restoring a Family

Unsure if Noah’s volatile behavior was due to the accident, a mental illness that had manifested itself, or teenage rebellion, he underwent numerous tests before finally being diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Noah was acting out more and more, and he soon became a danger to himself, his mother and younger brother Brendan. Not long after, Noah entered NeuroRestorative Carbondale’s adolescent integration program. “It was our first glimmer of hope,” said Toni.

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Meet Blaine

NeuroRestorative’s supported living programs empower individuals, like Blaine, to be more independent by becoming contributing members of the community while still receiving the support they need to improve their quality of life. Since living at Governor Hall Place, Blaine has learned to independently manage his activities of daily living (ADLs) such as dressing and grooming himself. He has also learned how to better manage his behavior and emotions by taking the time to think about their consequences.

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Perseverance on the Road to Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury

On a December morning in 2005, Kenny Spry was on his way to the Harley Davidson shop where he had worked as a mechanic for 16 years when his SUV hit a patch of black ice, forcing his car into a ditch. It took 7.5 hours to extract his body from the wreckage. “I thought I would always need help and would never be independent again,” recalls Kenny. “NeuroRestorative changed that.”

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