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A Teacher’s Perspective: How Our Programs Help Students to Succeed

Mike Nevel graduated from Roosevelt University, IL, receiving a master’s in general administration. Throughout his career, Mike has had the opportunity to be in various positions offered in the field, including teaching assistant, classroom teacher, principal, and director of multiple programs. In his current role as Head Teacher at Mount Prospect, IL, campus, Mike oversees the academic side of NeuroRestorative Academy. From schedules and curriculum to grades, transcripts, and IEP’s—he is responsible for implementing all things educational.

When asked what he enjoys most about his job, Mike responded, “I take pride in the vocational program I started, which allows students to get out of the building and volunteer at businesses of their choice and interests in our community. This hands-on approach allows students to interact with business owners and gain skills they cannot learn in the school setting. I am looking forward to getting our students back into the community after this pandemic.”

When choosing a school, It is essential for the student and parents to feel comfortable with the staff. Mike offers advice for any families considering admitting a family member to a therapeutic, academic provider. “My advice to families is to tour the school, ask as many questions that they can, ensuring the student will succeed,” said Mike.

“What makes our Academy different than other schools is our approach of individuality,” said Mike. “When a student admits into our program, our team makes modifications and accommodations for the student to be successful. Most schools will make the students change and adapt to the way that the program is structured. Here, we individualize the program to the individual and ensure each student is functional, safe and independent at the time they leave our program.”