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Cody Is Determined to Get Back to Doing What He Loves

Cody was involved in a motor vehicle accident in December of 2020 and suffered a traumatic brain injury, compound fracture in his ankle and two broken feet. Although Cody has not been at NeuroRestorative for a long time, he has made significant strides and is already planning for his future.

Cody came to NeuroRestorative Arkansas program in February of 2021. Cody arrived hesitantly as he didn’t want to be far away from his family but quickly realized how beneficial the program would be for his progression. “Cody just wanted to stay with his family,” said Cody’s mother, Leanne. “After about a week, he started benefiting from the therapy plan, could see improvement, and recognized this awesome opportunity. When Cody finally met the therapy team, he began to get excited.”

Cody’s therapy team has been working with him on physical and mental rehabilitation, incorporating his therapy career goals. Before his accident, Cody was planning on working  in underwater construction and has current plans to get back to doing what he loves. His care team works with him daily on his physical therapy and teaching him the skills he will need in this role, such as memory and communication tools and independent functioning skills. He plans to go back to scuba school in September.

Cody knows that there is still more work to be done but gives advice not to give up. “Take every day with a smile,” said Cody. Both Cody and his mother hope that Cody’s story helps raise awareness that there is life after a brain injury and that there are supports and services available.

When asked what advice Leanne would give to families who are going through something similar, Leanne responded, “I would tell families that after the dust settles, they should make cognitive rehabilitation one of their top priorities in their loved one’s journey—even before their other injuries are completely healed. I would also advise the family to make sure their loved one receives every bit of rehabilitation available.”

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For external support, visit the Brain Injury Association of America

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Success Stories