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Success Stories

Eligh Overcomes Challenges, Graduates and Returns Home

Even at such a young age, Eligh has been through a lot. He is a survivor of trauma and has struggled with emotional and behavioral challenges. Eligh came to NeuroRestorative’s Benton, AR, program after struggling in his school environment, exhibiting self-harm behaviors and aggression towards others.

When Eligh joined the Academy, his care team created an individualized care plan geared entirely toward helping him succeed and reach his goals. “I believe what helped Eligh reach his goals was the overall development of the program,” said guardian Nikola Smallwood. “This was the first time he had a treatment plan designed just for him. The constant feedback and the charts that physically showed progress in certain areas before we moved on to tackle another goal were amazing. Previously, we never received tangible data of his progress or areas that needed improvement. I also believe the home setting of the cabin helped.”

Although it was hard for Eligh to open up about his trauma in the past, he was able to gain trust in his therapy team, allowing him to take his guard down and begin the healing process. After working with his team for many months, Eligh overcame his challenges, made safe choices, and returned home. “He has a long way to go, but we are very proud of the progress that he made. His time at NeuroRestorative gave him a strong foundation to begin healing,” said Nikola.

When asked what advice Eligh would give to others who are looking to reach their goals, Eligh replied, “Write down your goals on a list so you can see them. Know the staff is there to help you and to follow instructions, so you can get where you want to go. I feel happy because I made a lot of progress and got to go home.”

Success Stories