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Success Stories

Following His Dreams: NeuroRestorative Student Graduates and Joins the Marines

Cody Simon joined the NeuroRestorative Academy Carbondale, IL, in May of 2018 due to behavior challenges in his home and school environment. Cody was part of our residential program, receiving personalized attention in a supported learning environment. With the right attitude, determination, and support from staff, Cody could graduate and head to California for basic training. Cody made it clear when joining the academy that his number one goal was to graduate and join the Marines. When asked what helped him succeed in the program, Cody replied, “I always knew I wanted to join the Marines, and once the opportunity came—I knew what I had to do to complete the program, so I promised myself I would do just that.”

Although Cody’s journey did not come without challenges, he could succeed because of the support he had along the way. Someone who worked closely with Cody was his Case Manager, Valon Timmons. “Cody stands out as a student because he was the first kid ever to reach a goal like this,” said Valon. “He had many hiccups during his stay but
was able to overcome them all.”

“When I had behaviors such as running away, NeuroRestorative never gave up on me, and the staff continued to encourage me to reach my goals,” said Cody. “What helped the most was knowing I had a support system. I didn’t feel like I had that before I joined the program.”

When asked what advice he would give to others looking to reach their goals, Cody responded, “Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing. Focus on your goals and work hard to complete them.”

Success Stories