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Success Stories

NeuroRestorative Academy Helps Armando Be His Best Self

Armando Cahue came to our NeuroRestorative Illinois Academy in 2018 due to having behavioral problems at home and in school. His family had tried to place Armando in other surrounding schools, but his family knew it was not a good fit. After refusing to attend school, medical appointments, and being hospitalized, Armando’s mother Ogla turned to NeuroRestorative. “Camelia Botez, Program Director, worked patiently with our family to get him to come to the program, and since then, has been doing amazing. She always makes herself available to talk to us, bringing me and our family confidence, support, and hope,” said Olga.

With his personal staff support, NeuroRestorative provided a dynamic learning opportunity for Armando to become more independent and confident in a supported, fun, and innovative environment. He is currently attending all his appointments, therapies, social groups and enjoys being around those who are similar to him. “It has been a pleasure to work on art therapy with Armando. It is reassuring to see his progress and how eager he is to learn, said Mollie Morris, Art Therapist. “Students request working with him because he is so complimentary and always wanting to make artwork for peers and staff. We all enjoy receiving his art and being around him.”

“Thanks to NeuroRestorative, I feel happy and peaceful knowing that Armando learned so many skills to be as independent as possible,” said Olga. “When he graduates from his program, he will be able to leave home and be able to work at the place specialized in people with Autism.”

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Success Stories