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NeuroRestorative Academy Supports Student to Manage Challenges, Graduate and Return Home

Peter Bartoszek became a student at NeuroRestorative Academy, a specialized residential and academic program, in August of 2016. Prior to joining the academy, Peter had a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations. With the support of his NeuroRestorative care team, Peter gained the skills he needed to graduate and return home to safely live in his community.

Following four neurosurgeries to treat tumors resulting from his diagnosis of neurofibromatosis type 2, Peter was left deaf, and experienced seizures and challenges in self-managing his behavioral dyscontrol. Although Peter is unable to speak, he reads lips very well and uses sign language to communicate. But his greatest challenge to safety and independence was his behavioral outburst in the home and the classroom. After working with his educational, behavioral, occupational, physical and speech therapy team, Peter’s self-management of behavior improved and he became interested in participating in school activities. As a part of his vocational training, Peter was assigned to be the weatherman and safety manager, as he has an interest in both of those fields.

Peter made significant progress, and after six months of physical and occupational therapy, he was able to ambulate without a wheelchair. But his journey was met with additional challenges as he required surgery to remove additional tumors, needing to remain in the Intensive Care Unit for a few months. Peter returned to NeuroRestorative Academy and was dependent on oxygen for many months. He had to relearn behavioral and physical skills, while also going through chemotherapy for an additional two years. Despite these challenges, he never gave up. With the help of his therapy team, and the support of his family, he became more independent with his daily activities, completed his diploma, and was able to walk at his graduation.

“Peter had a hard time adjusting his first year,” said Camelia Botez, Program Director. “During his graduation, he reminded me not to cry because he will leave NeuroRestorative, but he will be in touch. His hope and resilience always amazed me!”

Peter is now home with his parents, Maria and John, who have prayed for this day to come. Looking ahead, Peter hopes to attend the University of Illinois and take classes that will assist him in working toward developing research skills aligned with his interest in human cloning. He plans to become a research scientist.

“NeuroRestorative Academy is a stand out organization because our programs do not force an individual student to meet the needs of the school,” said Mike Nevel, Head Teacher at Mt. Prospect, IL, campus. “We do not ask students to change, rather we modify and accommodate to what the student needs academically and therapeutically. Peter and his family embraced and supported the program, which allowed our staff to support Peter in achieving his successes.”

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Success Stories