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NeuroRestorative Puts On Surprise Virtual Birthday Celebration for Doug

Every year, Doug Childs looks forward to celebrating his birthday with his sister, JoAnn, who brings pizza and cake during her visit to NeuroRestorative’s Paducah, KY, program. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and safety guidelines in place, JoAnn and her family were not able to visit Doug in-person for his birthday this year. JoAnn knew she still had to do something special for her brother. She worked with Doug’s care team to ensure he still felt special on his big day.

Doug’s Case Manager, Beth Johnson, arranged for pizza to be delivered to his house and set up a Zoom meeting for him and his family to see him on his birthday. NeuroRestorative team members assisted Doug with logging into his ipad, having him think it was part of his clinical session. He soon found out he was about to have a birthday surprise he would not forget.

“Doug laughed and smiled during the entire conversation. It was great to listen to all of them laugh and sing,” said Beth, “I was not sure if he would join the zoom meeting because he likes to be consistent with his schedule. The smile on his face and in his eyes was priceless.”

When Doug came to NeuroRestorative in 2006, he had been in a coma following a motor vehicle accident. He was completely nonverbal and had difficulty processing and understanding basic commands and really liked to stick to himself. Speech-language pathologist, Paul Lanier, comments “Doug has gone from being unable to name an object presented to doing so with 90% accuracy. Doug is now able to hold and participate in conversations with others. His progress is truly remarkable.”

When asked about his birthday celebration, Doug replied, “It was great. I loved it. My family sent me balloons and ordered pizza for the whole house. I did not know my sister had asked some of my family members to join the call. It was good to see everyone’s face and listen to them sing to me. Everyone was laughing and smiling. It was great.”

NeuroRestorative care staff is happy to connect families with program individuals on any special occasion. In addition, NeuroRestorative provides therapeutic services over telecommunication to address individuals’ unique rehabilitation goals. Our interactive telehealth services provide state-of-the-art services that are cost and time effective, and convenient for people of any age. These services include: speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy and individual and family counseling.

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