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Not Giving Up: Steven Overcomes His Challenges to Live More Independently

In 2015, Steven Harris went to the doctor for what he thought were typical cold symptoms. Little did he know his life was about to change. The doctor noticed Steven was having hand tremors and ordered an immediate CAT scan, only to find that Steven had one of the most extensive brain tumors he had seen. Although this news came with other battles Steven would have to fight through, he never gave up. With only a small chance to survive, Steven had brain surgery to remove the tumor and began his rehabilitation journey with the hope of gaining back his daily functional living skills.

Steven came to NeuroRestorative in October of 2020, five years after his surgery. Steven had attempted speech therapy before joining NeuroRestorative but did not enjoy the overall outcomes he was getting from the program. He was referred to NeuroRestorative, started his therapy via Interactive Telehealth Services, and has never looked back.

Steven’s Speech-Language Pathologist, Abby Browning, has been working with Steven on executive functioning skills, organization, memory, and communication. Although there is still work to be done, Abby calls out Steven for making huge successes along the way. “In the past, Steven was not able to organize his thoughts. He would forget thoughts, and so, we have worked a lot on memory, reasoning, and problem-solving. He has demonstrated more confidence in these skills and has now started doing daily living activities such as cooking and handling his medical bills,” said Abby. “Initially, Steven never thought he would work again, and he is now looking for a job and places to live on his own.”

Steven appreciates the supports and services he has received from his care team at NeuroRestorative, especially Abby. “If I had to, let’s say six months from now, I could probably get my apartment and be perfectly fine,” said Steven. “But, I mean, without the help NeuroRestorative has provided, that would not have been an option.”

Although Steven has made a lot of progress, he knows the importance of working hard and taking his achievements day by day. In the future, Steven hopes to get back into the medical field in which he used to be employed.

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Success Stories