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Paying it Forward: NeuroRestorative Employee and Program Participant Repair Unused Equipment to Help Those in Liberia

Michael Cyr, Physical Therapist, challenged team members and individuals at our Sebago, ME, program to a community service project in collaboration with Partners for World Health (PWH). Michael recently started working with PWH to assist in setting up a graduate chapter of the organization. Based out of Portland, ME, PWH collects medical supplies and equipment from healthcare facilities and donates them to countries with poor health infrastructure and limited resources. Their efforts also serve to keep the environment clean by diverting materials out of landfills and lowering the price of healthcare by minimizing disposal costs.

Michael reached out to his contact at PWH and found out about a need for wheelchairs and adaptive equipment for a community in Liberia. Michael worked with team members at the Sebago, ME, program and other NeuroRestorative programs in Maine. Mike Sorrells, a program participant who had also volunteered for PWH in the past, partnered up with Michael in the effort. “We took the project head-on. We started gathering unused and discarded wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, oxygen paraphernalia, etc., from our group homes, cleaning them and doing minimal repair work,”
said Michael.

Mike Sorrells, who is very passionate about helping those in need, made his special touch on the project. Mike collects four-leaf clovers—having a stock of over 1,000. He took it upon himself to tape a four-leaf clover to each piece of equipment they donated. “It is something I like doing, collecting four-leaf clovers. I can’t hold on to all this luck myself, so I decided I would give it to strangers in hopes it gives them luck,” said Mike. “I just hope our efforts improve their life a little bit.”

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