The NeuroRestorative Way: A Focus on Outcomes

At NeuroRestorative, outcome measurements play a vital role in helping to establish individual rehabilitation goals and measure progress as individuals move through the continuum of neurorehabilitation and treatment of complex illness and injury. Leading this research at NeuroRestorative are Frank Lewis, Ph.D., National Director of Clinical Outcomes and Clinical Director of NeuroRestorative Georgia; and Gordon Horn, Ph.D., National Deputy Director of Clinical Outcomes and Clinical Director for NeuroRestorative Florida.

NeuroRestorative has a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes for individuals served along each state of our continuum of care. “What sets NeuroRestorative apart from other companies is how our organization allows our team to not just send our reports, but to analyze the data, publish our findings and present internationally,” said Dr. Horn. “By allowing us to drill down on data and find those factors on the overall outcome, we receive knowledge that allows us to create programs that improve an individual’s outcomes much faster.”

As people move through the phases of their individually tailored programs, the outcomes team measures physical and functional abilities that affect their ability to live as independently and safely as possible on a day-to-day basis. Our clinical experts establish individual rehabilitation goals and carefully measure progress as individuals move through their neurological rehabilitation programs so that outcomes are always specific to each individual. This data is not only used to help individuals in our programs, but also help understand trends, business challenges and payment issues. “It’s all about doing the right thing,” said Dr. Horn. “We try to take complex data and make it simple for our teams to understand. Frank and I are always thinking ahead two to five years on how to reduce disability and improve quality of life.”

Looking ahead, Dr. Lewis and Dr. Horn are looking forward to a newly developed measuring system, which will allow for an extensive data set for a whole new population. They are passionate about continuing to produce and publish their findings so individuals can get the right services and enjoy a higher quality of life. “The work we do is worth it, said Dr. Lewis. “We are making a difference in the outcomes of those we serve and their keys to success. By diving deep into our data and safety factors, we are able to help individuals reach their full potential. It is pretty satisfying work.”

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