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Medical Directors

David Weber, M.D. Medical Director

Dr. David Weber is a medical doctor and board-certified psychiatrist. He specializes in the evaluation and treatment of mood conditions, sleep problems, ADHD, and emotional disorders. His specific areas of specialization are pain medical psychiatry, traumatic brain injury, including concussions, their consequences, and treatment.

Prior to earning his medical degree in 1997, Dr. Weber was a naval aviator. He completed his internship at Bethesda Naval Hospital. He earned a master’s degree from Harvard University and completed residency with board certification in Aerospace and Preventive Medicine with Occupational Medicine Fellowship. After serving and deploying in support of the Marines as a flight surgeon and pilot/physician, he completed an additional residency in psychiatry. He deployed twice to combat as a psychiatrist.

Dr. Weber was the director of a large hospital in Japan where he supervised 240 staff in eight departments including ER, Pediatrics, ICU, and mental health before pursuing a Fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry from Georgetown Medical School. He assisted in the development of the Traumatic Brain Injury Center (NICOE 1) at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Dr. Weber has extensive experience in brain injury assessment. He has evaluated and treated patients in general medicine, traumatic brain injury, and psychiatry. He was most recently the director of Pain Medical Psychiatry for the U.S. Navy, serving patients with co-occurring pain and mental health issues.