NeuroRestorative acquires NeuroInternational in Florida and New Hampshire

NeuroRestorative welcomes NeuroInternational as its newest provider of specialized supports and services. With programs in Florida and New Hampshire, NeuroInternational has provided comprehensive services for individuals requiring intensive rehabilitation treatment to achieve the highest degree of personal independence, safety, and quality of life for the past 12 years. We are confident that by joining NeuroRestorative, the quality of services participants and their families have come to expect from this provider will be well supported.

As part of NeuroRestorative, NeuroInternational’s team of providers will continue, together with individuals served, to create opportunities to advance individuals’ functional skills, self-advocacy, and community participation, achieving goals of increased independence and improved quality of life. Through this collaboration, we will continue to emphasize individual self-determined goals and family participation in rehabilitation while also answering the call for increased access to similar programs in underserved areas, allowing individuals to live in their home communities.