Pediatric Brain Injury Programs

At NeuroRestorative, we know that children with brain injury have a unique set of needs and can’t be treated as small adults. They often experience challenges that can extend beyond the physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral issues related to their injury—significantly impacting their learning and development. Our staff specializes in the treatment of pediatric & adolescent brain injury and we are experts in developing post-acute rehabilitation programs designed to meet the individualized needs of each child we support.

NeuroRestorative’ s pediatric and adolescent post-acute rehabilitation programs offer strategies, rehabilitative interventions and clinical support to help children as they develop and strive to become more independent. Our programs are delivered in a supportive, compassionate environment where children and teens can continue to learn and grow, develop friendships with their peers and just enjoy being a kid while receiving specialized rehabilitative services to meet their needs. We also ensure that we continually adjust their treatment plan and develop new strategies and supports as they reach the different milestones in their development.

As one of the largest pediatric brain injury services providers in the country, NeuroRestorative provides services at our three renowned pediatric brain injury locations: 

NeuroRestorative Carbondale

Our flagship location, NeuroRestorative Carbondale, was the first dedicated after-hospital rehabilitation program in the country for people with brain injury and has been serving children and adolescents since 1980. This unique setting, located in picturesque Southern Illinois is an ideal environment for children with brain injury to receive the specialized care they need. Learn more about the services offered at NeuroRestorative Carbondale.

NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge

NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge is one of the largest rehabilitation facilities for pediatric and adolescent brain injury in the country and has been helping hundreds of children since 1989 receive the specialized supports, therapies and education they need in a setting that promotes growth and independence. Located in the rolling hills of Benton, Arkansas, this location offers innovative brain injury rehabilitation in a rural setting that has plenty of room for children to play and enjoy the outdoors. Learn more about the services offered at NeuroRestorative Timber Ridge.

NeuroRestorative Academy

NeuroRestorative Academy in Mount Prospect, Illinois is a specialized school for students ages 14 to 22 who have experienced traumatic brain injury (TBI) or neurologic impairment. In addition to receiving an education, students also receive personalized rehabilitative services in a supportive environment. Learn more about the services offered at NeuroRestorative Academy.